Explorers LLI of Salem State University is one of more than 400 Lifelong Learning Institute chapters across the U.S. Membership is open to anyone 50 years of age or older. Non-members are welcome at Intersession programs but donations are appreciated.

When: 10 AM to noon

Where: Explorers LLI of Salem State University, 10 Federal Street, Suite 10, Salem, 01970

Website: http://www.explorerslli.org

Phone: 978-744-0804

Tuesday, January 7 – Forced Confrontation: Nazi Death Marches, U.S. Liberation and German Witnessing of the Holocaust – Dr. Christopher Mauriello is chairman of the Salem State University History Department and a member of the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies. Today he discusses the American discovery of mass atrocity sites along the routes of death marches in Germany and the practice and meanings of the U.S. military directive compelling Germans civilians to witness, disinter and rebury the victims of these marches. Dr. Mauriello’s research is part of the ongoing reassessment of the U.S. liberation and occupation at the end of the war, the responsibility of ordinary Germans for atrocities, and the collective German responsibility for the Holocaust

Wednesday, January 8 – No, We Can’t Just Get Along – Barbara Anderson is the president of Massachusetts Citizens for Limited Taxation, which created Proposition 2 ½ in 1980, a newspaper columnist and a frequent talk radio guest. Today Ms. Anderson explains why we cannot just get along with those who are trying to remake the government and society in today’s United States.

Monday, January 13 – Sea Level Rise: The Plum Island Story – William Sargent is a consultant for the NOVA science series on PBS and the author of 19 books about science and the environment. His most recent books have dealt with the effects of sea level rise in places like New Orleans, Florida and Cape Cod. Today he reviews the hottest year on record that led up to Hurricane Sandy and the damage on Plum Island. He chronicles the storms of this past winter and why they were so destructive to Plum Island.

Wednesday, January 15Obtain the Legal Services You Need in the Modern World – The Law Office of John Andrews, P.C. is located in Salem, Massachusetts. Their attorneys handle a wide range of legal matters and are dedicated to identifying and accomplishing clear objectives in the most efficient and cost effective manner. They are ready to defend clients in a federal criminal investigation, work to settle a serious personal injury claim, or counsel a spouse during a difficult divorce. Today Attorney John Andrews tells us how a modern law firm provides competent legal representation.

Wednesday, January 22Salem’s Next Four Years – Mayor Kimberley Driscoll has been Mayor of Salem since 2006. She is a past president of the Massachusetts Mayors Association. Today she discusses her vision for the City of Salem for her third four-year term as Mayor of Salem. She also reviews Salem’s many recent accomplishments and successes and mentions some of the challenges that Salem and many other communities are facing.

Monday, January 27Semester at Sea – Sandy Yagendorf is retired from both the federal government and from teaching Library Science at Salem State University. Today he describes the 2 ½ month cruise he took to 21 countries on the MV Explorer after he celebrated his 80th birthday. In addition to the amenities of a standard cruise ship, the MV Explorer functions as a 700 student floating university that features classrooms, a 9000 volume library, a computer lab, art classes, writing classes and numerous lectures by experts in their fields each day.

Wednesday, January 29Controversial Topic – John Fox is a retired Salem State University history professor and a current Explorers course leader. Any discussion that John moderates is guaranteed to stimulate an exchange of ideas. He has asked that the topic of today’s program not be divulged in advance. Come willing to share your thoughts and to learn. The only requirement for attendees is that you be open-minded and accepting of others in the discussion whose opinions are different from yours

Monday, February 3 – Ataturk – Joseph Piemonte is a retired Salem State University history professor. Joe was one of the founders of Explorers LLI. Today he educates us about one of his favorites – Ataturk. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was a Turkish army officer in the Ottoman military, revolutionary statesman, and the first President of Turkey. Ataturk sought to transform the former Ottoman Empire into a modern, secular, and democratic nation-state.

Wednesday, February 5Explorers Morning at Hollywood Hits – Today we again move our meeting to the Hollywood Hits Theater in Danvers. The theater manager, Scott Przybycien, shows us a to be specified movie and gives a lecture about the Hollywood Hits Theater. Plan to arrive at the theater at about 9:45. The cost of admission is five dollars.

Wednesday, February 12 – Ought Women to Learn the Alphabet? The History of Women’s Education in the United States – Dr. Mary-Lou Breitborde is a Professor of Education and directs the Center for Education and Community in Salem State University’s School of Education. Among her research interests is the experience of women as teachers and learners, from the self-directed education of the early Republic through the founding of academies and normal schools in the 19th century to today’s majority-female college campuses. Today she highlights women who resisted the prevailing expectations to break down educational barriers as teachers and students.

Wednesday, February 19 – Susan B. Anthony Drama and Discussion – History Tellers of the Northshore present “The Trials of Susan B. Anthony”, a two-person dramatization of the life of Susan B. Anthony as she crusades for women’s suffrage. After the play, the two actors, Peter VanDeBogert and Beth Blanchard, take questions and lead a discussion.

Monday, February 24 – Learn about Reiki, Witchcraft, and Psychic-Mediumship – Angela DiFazio is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher of Dr. Usui’s System of Natural Healing, a Practitioner of the Craft, a Psychic-Medium, as well as an Ordained Minister and Proprietress of Key Elements. Angela has realized that her true path is that of helping others to heal and she enjoys seeing the benefits of the various healing modalities work for her clients, family and friends. Today she explains her activities to us as she has to others on BBC Radio, The Travel Channel, Fox News, The North Shore Sunday and local newspapers.

Backup – LBJ – Lyndon Baines Johnson was renowned for his political power and weird persona. He exercised great power in the US Senate, served as Vice President and pushed the federal government into the new areas of the Great Society as President. Longtime Explorer and student of history, Don Zaik, tells us the hard to believe story of LBJ.


When: 10 to noon

Where: Explorers LLI of Salem State University, 10 Federal Street, Suite 10, Salem, 01970

Website: http://www.explorerslli.org
Phone: 978-744-0804