Friday Coffees

For all Explorers and Guests

Fall 2017 Semester 

“Friday Coffee” presentations begin at 10:00 am


September 15
Looking Back in Time –Timekeeping and Timekeepers in New England
Robert Frishman, Clock and Watch Repair Craftsman
Using more than 100 digital images, Mr. Frishman will present a history of clocks and watches in New England beginning with the arrival of the Mayflower up to the adoption of standard time by the railroads in the late 19th century. At the end of the presentation our guest will offer informal appraisals for those interested in bringing in their own small clock or watches.
Bob Frishman is owner of Bell –Time Clocks of Andover. He is sponsoring an international symposium on clocks in October at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.(

September 22
Katharine Gibbs: Beyond the White Gloves-A Trailblazing Woman in Business
Rose A. Doherty, author & former dean, Katharine Gibbs School
Salem and other North Shore towns sent many women to internationally renowned Katharine Gibbs School. This Boston institution provided educational opportunities for women throughout the twentieth century and helped to change the face of American business. Our guest will provide a review of the remarkable accomplishments of the school’s founder.
Rose A. Doherty is President of the Partnership of Historic Bostons and author of the book “Katharine Gibbs: Beyond White Gloves”. She was a faculty member and academic dean at Katharine Gibbs and Chair of the Gibbs College Board of Trustees.

September 29
Women of Marblehead in the 1800s
Robert Booth, Historian and Author                                                                                In the first decades of the 1800s, women in the working class town of Marblehead were oppressed and invisible, having been denied an education or a pathway to a career. Due to high losses of men at sea, hundreds of widows and children were dependent on town funding to stave off poverty. In the 1830s, however, they changed the social, religious, and architectural landscape of the town. By 1850 Marblehead’s women evolved into self-sufficiency and autonomy.
Robert Booth, a native of Marblehead, is an authority on historic architecture and maritime culture. His latest book is “Women of Marblehead”. Mr. Booth is Executive Director of the Center for Clinical Social Work.

October 20
Everything You Never Knew About Planning for End of Life Care
Roxanne Kelber, LISW
Our guest will present an interactive exploration of the grey and jagged choices that many of us may face with end of life care. She will relate on a personal level the insights gained from over 30 years experience in community-based hospice, nursing homes without walls, and palliative care with adults and children.
Roxanne Kelber is a Licensed Independent Social Worker at Renz Counseling in Canton. She has a Masters Degree and has worked with hospice clients for over 17 years. Ms. Kelber lives in West Roxbury.

November 3
Driving At Night-An Original Comedy in Three Acts
Barbara Rhuda and Norty Halber, Explorers members
This original play involves two men and two women discussing issues that we as seniors deal with every day. These include disabilities, driving problems, loss of a partner, remarriage, kids and grandchildren as well as the value of social and intellectual pursuits.
In Steve Levy’s Comedy Writing class, three Explorers members wrote a short skit that they decided to develop into a staged reading three act play. The theme of the play is, “It’s never too late to learn something new about the world as well as something new about ourselves.”

November 17
The History and Future of Essex County’s Spectacular Great Salt Marsh
Douglas Stewart, Freelance Journalist
Essex County’s pristine Great Marsh, stretching from Cape Ann to New Hampshire, is a biological engine whose nutrients sustain fish stocks and bird life. The marsh also protects shore towns from flooding and storm surges. Yet it’s now under threat from rising sea levels.
Douglas Stewart writes frequently about history and the arts for Smithsonian Magazine, Time and Discover magazine, among other publications. He resides in Ipswich