Explorers LLI of Salem State University is one of more than 400 Lifelong Learning Institute chapters across the U.S. Membership is open to anyone 50 years of age or older. Non-members are welcome at Intersession programs but donations are appreciated.

When: 10 AM to noon                                                                                               Where: Explorers LLI of Salem State University, 10 Federal Street, Suite 10,                         Salem MA 01970                                                                                               Website:             Phone: 978-744-0804 

Monday, January 8 – Ruth Bader Ginsburg Suzanne Kiley has given a number of presentations to her fellow Explorers. Today she tells us about the life of US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She also looks at Ginsburg’s role on the court since 1993.

Wednesday, January 10 – State of the City of Salem – Mayor Kimberley Driscoll has been Mayor of Salem since 2006. She is a past president of the Massachusetts Mayors Association. In earlier appearances at Explorers, Mayor Driscoll described her vision for the city and detailed plans for making it better. Many of those who paid attention to her past presentations have seen the thoroughness of her plans and her success in turning plans into reality.

Wednesday, January 17 – Chelsea Jewish Lifecare – Betsy Mullen is the COO and Barry Berman is the CEO for Chelsea Jewish Lifecare. Today they share with us how Chelsea Jewish Lifecare is redefining senior care and re-envisioning what life should be like for those living with disabling conditions in skilled nursing and assisted living facilities.

Monday, January 22 – Wilber’s War: An American Family’s Journey through World War II – MIT Prof. Emeritus Hale Bradt returns to Explorers to discuss his book Wilber’s War. The book chronicles the story of his mother and father during World War II. It offers fresh insight into the historic conflict as it was fought by the U.S. Army in the Pacific Theater and by a family on the home front. It is an epic tale of patriotic and familial duty, heroism, love, infidelity, and the tragedy of suicide.

Wednesday, January 24 – Writing and Memoirs – Phyllis Karas is the author of 12 books, four of which are memoirs. These include the NYT best seller Brutal: The Untold Story of My Life Inside Whitey Bulger’s Irish Mob; An Actor and a Gentlemen, the story of Academy Award winning actor Louis Gossett, Jr. and The Onassis Women, the memoir of Jackie Kennedy Onassis’ private secretary during Jackie’s marriage to Aristotle Onassis. Her latest book, The Women of Southie, will be published in April. Come and learn about her writing and memoirs.

Monday, January 29 – Journey to Iran: Setting Up an Art Exhibition in 2015 – Salem State Professor Steve Young has led a number of Explorers courses. Join him today for a discussion of the culture, environment, and geography of Iran. In the summer of 2015, Dr. Young traveled to Iran to install his art exhibition, “Macro or Micro? Misinterpreting the Unfamiliar.” He recently completed a climate change study focused on Iran and greater West Asia.

Wednesday, January 31 – The Search for Planet 9 – Far beyond Neptune and Pluto, an undiscovered planet may be lurking. And astronomers around the world are scrambling to locate it. Pluto was dropped from the official planetary list in 2006. We now have evidence of a possible replacement—a body 10 times more massive than the earth and 250 times further from the sun. Join amateur astronomer Richard Luecke for an image enhanced journey to the frontier of our solar system and the race to find Planet 9.

Monday, February 5 – Stealing Rembrandts – Anthony Amore is director of security and chief investigator at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. He is an expert on museum security, fakes, frauds and forgeries. Amore has 15 years of national security, law, intelligence and crisis management experience with federal government agencies. His work as security director at the Gardner Museum is highlighted in the book “Art and Crime: Exploring the Dark Side of the Dark World”. Today Mr. Amore shares his stories.

Wednesday, February 7 – Trip to Myanmar – John Archer is a member of Explorers, a course leader, painter, photographer, designer, actor, dancer, singer, philanthropist, preservationist and businessman. Today he describes his vacation trip down the Irrawaddy River in Myanmar. Learn why some experienced travelers say that Myanmar is different from any other country they have visited.

Monday, February 12 – Crop Circles – Whenever Linda Weltner leads a course, Explorers fill her classrooms. Today she tells us about crop circles, an unexplained pattern that appears overnight in English fields every year caused by folding over summer crops in complicated designs. Are they created by obscure natural causes, by aliens, or are they manmade hoaxes? Come and find out.

Tuesday, February 13 – Charlotte Forten: In Search of Identity, Community, and History – Salem State Emerita Prof. Mary-Lou Breitborde tells the story of Charlotte Forten Grimke, the first African American graduate of Salem Normal School (1856), writer, teacher, and activist for racial justice and women’s rights. Born into a family of activist women and men, educated in Salem amid the progressive and literary lights of the times, she took her convictions and her skills to South Carolina as a teacher of the freed people. Later in Washington, she helped build a politically-charged culture for a rising class of African Americans.

Wednesday, February 14 – The McGuire Sisters – Explorer Bill Sano is a teacher, conductor, pianist, organist and Salem tour guide. His courses at Explorers always draw large numbers of enthusiastic students. Today Bill tells the story of the McGuire Sisters. The story includes more music than “Sugartime” and “Mr. Sandman” and a chronicle of their careers including every dirty little romantic story.

Backup – Interesting Railroad Documentary – Ed Finglas has led a number of courses at Explorers. Because of his long study of American railroads, Ed led a course on railroads. Today he shows us videos of resurrected steam locomotives and trains maintained as historical exhibits. Many people enjoy these exhibits.


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