Explorers LLI of Salem State University is one of more than 400 Lifelong Learning Institute chapters across the U.S. Membership is open to anyone 50 years of age or older. Non-members are welcome at Intersession programs but donations are appreciated.

When: 10 AM to noon                                                                                               Where: Explorers LLI of Salem State University, 10 Federal Street, Suite 10,                         Salem MA 01970                                                                                               Website:             Phone: 978-744-0804 

Wednesday, July 11 – Clementine Churchill – Winston Churchill’s mission and political life might not have been so successful without his wife Clementine’s guidance. She managed him and filled the unscripted role of war time first lady in a way that remains inspiring. Come and listen to another of Explorer Suzanne Kiley’s history packed presentations.

Monday, July 16 – Every Quilt Had a Story – Today Explorers is transformed to better display Explorer Leah Allman’s award-winning quilts. Her works have won many ribbons in local, national and international quilt shows. Each quilt represents a carefully researched subject like “Masada Mosaic”, “Mathematical Principles” or “Archeological Finds”.  Many dutiful husbands who accompany their spouses to Leah’s shows are surprised at their enjoyment of her quilts.

Wednesday, July 18 –. Native Americans on the North Shore: Last Ice Age to the Contact Period – Mary Ellen Lepionka is an independent scholar who has researched the history of Cape Ann from the last Ice Age to around 1700. She has taught in college, developed textbooks, done archeology in Cape Ann, and contributed articles on Cape Ann in the Bulletin of the Massachusetts Archaeological Society, the  Historic Ipswich blog and the Enduring Gloucester blog. Today she tells us about the history of Native Americans on the North Shore until their first encounter with the English settlers.

 Monday, July 23 – The Lost Colony of Roanoke – Writer, author and new Explorer  Deahn Berrini Leblang provides possible answers to the age old mystery of what happened to the lost colony of Roanoke. Decades before the Pilgrims, this first British settlement disappeared without a trace. Her presentation focusses on the Native People who greeted the settlers, and is drawn from the extensive research she did while writing her third book, “A Roanoke Story,” published last November.

Wednesday, July 25 – Native Americans on the North Shore: Masconomet’s Time – Today Mary Ellen Lepionka completes her discussion started on July 18. We hear about the history of Native Americans on the North Shore during Masconomet’s time.

Monday, July 30 – North Korea – Marilyn Day leads an Explorers course on North Korea. Today she provides us with insight about this nation as the United States and the rest of the world interact with it.

 Wednesday, August 1 –  Swampscott in the 19th and Early 20th Century: The Gold Coast – Mary Cassidy is a former member of the Swampscott Historical Commission and former president and long-time member of The Swampscott Historical Society .  Today she shows us some of the large summer estates that dotted the coast of Swampscott and takes a look into the lives of the estate dwellers and their employees.

Monday, August 6 – Why We Are Who We Are – Explorers Marilyn Cassidy, Charles Kollars, Richard Mahon and Ann Whittemore look back at the influences that have profoundly affected their lives. During this interactive program, audience members are invited to participate in the discussion.

Wednesday, August 8 –. Trip to Myanmar – John Archer is an Explorers course leader, painter, photographer, designer, actor, dancer, singer, philanthropist, preservationist and businessman. Today he describes his vacation trip down the Irrawaddy River in Myanmar. Learn why some experienced travelers say that Myanmar is different from any other country they have visited.

 Monday, August 13 at 9:30 AM – Explorers Morning at Cinema Salem – Today we visit Cinema Salem in the Museum Place Mall. Cinema Salem offers a diversity of movies including foreign films. We are scheduled to watch a movie identified in June. Plan to arrive at the theater at about 9:15 AM.  The cost of admission is five dollars.

Wednesday, August 15 – Witchcraft Trials – Joe Younger has been a docent at the Peabody Essex Museum for the past 24 years. He specializes in the museum’s period houses.  Today Joe discusses the Salem Witchcraft trials, a staple of Salem history.

Monday, August 20 – Railroad Video – Ed Finglas has led a number of courses at Explorers. Because of his long study of American railroads, Ed led a course on railroads.  Today he shows us videos of resurrected steam locomotives and trains maintained as historical exhibits.

Backup – Current Events – Explorer Frank Hawke moderates a lively discussion group examining local, national and international issues. Each participant is encouraged to bring articles or subjects of interest for discussion by the group.



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